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Nottoway County, Virginia

Nottoway County is located in the eastern Piedmont Province and is underlain by igneous and metamorphic rocks (see geologic map below). There is one active quarry in Nottoway County where the Burkeville Granite is mined by Luck Stone Corporation primarily for use as aggregate. During 2006, more than 465,000 short tons of rock were produced from the Burkeville Quarry, with estimated value at over $5,000,000.

Historically, the Burkeville Granite (bgr) has also been mined for building stone, curb stone and monumental block. The “granite” ranges from granodiorite to monzanite in rock composition. Other crystalline rock resources exist near Crewe and in the eastern part of the county where a light gray granite/granodiorite (fg) occurs and was mined by the U.S. Army at Fort Pickett. Additional small-scale granite quarries likely existed during the 1800’s for local use in the Crewe area. Both the Burkeville Granite (bgr) and the light gray granite/granodiorite (fg) are potentially significant aggregate resources.

Minor amounts of clay minerals have been produced in Nottoway County for the manufacture of brick and tile. Two reported clay extraction operations existed in the early 1900’s, both located near Blackstone. Testing done by the Virginia Geological Survey in 1917 indicate there may be additional locations where the clay is of sufficient quality to be used for brick making. Sweet, 1973 also analyzed clay samples and determined potential uses for the sampled materials.

The Mineral Resources of Virginia (MRV) database shows three gold prospects in the northern part of the county, adjacent to Little West Creek. No descriptive or analytical data has been found to further describe these prospects.

The MRV database also indicates the presence of a mica prospect about 1 ½ mile east of Crewe. Again, no further information is present to describe this potential mica occurrence.

Nottoway County Geologic Map
Nottoway County Geologic Map unit descriptions
Nottoway County Historical Mineral Resource Sites
Nottoway County Mineral Production, 1986-present
Nottoway County Active Mines, 1990-present

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