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DIVISION of Gas and Oil

Virginia Gas and Oil Board

Docket Minutes and Transcripts

Production of gas and oil resources is governed by the Virginia Gas and Oil Board (VGOB or Board). The purpose of the Board is to foster, encourage, and promote the safe and efficient exploration for and development, production, and utilization of gas and oil resources.

The Board hears appeals from persons who believe they have been aggrieved by a decision/order under the Virginia Gas and Oil Act related to the promulgation and enforcement of rules, regulations, and orders necessary to ensure the safe and efficient development and production of gas and oil resources located in Virginia. The Board has specific authority to issue rules, regulations, or orders to prevent waste of oil and gas; to protect correlative rights; to enter spacing and pooling orders; to establish drilling units; to facilitate maximum recovery of coal; to classify pools and wells as gas, oil, or coalbed methane gas (See Board regulations).

The Board is composed of seven members appointed by the Governor. The Governor also appoints the chairman. One member of the Board is the Director of the Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy or his designee. There must be one but not more than one member each from the gas and oil industry and the coal industry. The four remaining members cannot be representatives of the gas, oil or coal industry.

The Board meets once each month; however, if no petition for action has been filed prior to the scheduled meeting, the meeting may be canceled. Four members constitute a quorum for transaction of any board business.

For additional information about the Virginia Gas and Oil Board call (276) 415-9700 or e-mail.

2018 Board Hearings

January 16, 2018 No Minutes Hearing Cancelled
February 20, 2018 Minutes Transcript
March 20, 2018 No Minutes Hearing Cancelled
April 17, 2018 Minutes Transcript Pending
May 15, 2018 No Minutes Hearing Cancelled

2017 Board Hearings

January 17, 2017 Minutes Transcript
February 21, 2017 No Minutes Hearing Cancelled
March 21, 2017 Minutes Transcript (revised 06/19/17)
April 18, 2017 Minutes Transcript
May 16, 2017 Minutes Transcript
June 20, 2017 Minutes Transcript
July 18, 2017 Minutes (revised 08/03/17) Transcript
August 15, 2017 No Minutes Hearing Cancelled
September 19, 2017 No Minutes Hearing Cancelled
October 17, 2017 Minutes Transcript
November 21, 2017 Minutes Transcript
December 19, 2017 Minutes Transcript


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