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Demand Response

It is more cost effective for electric utilities to reduce load on the electric grid than to build additional generation and transmission capacity.  Utility accounts that are willing and able to reduce electrical load when the electric grid is seeing high load, such as a hot summer day, are paid to reduce their electrical load. The program is called Demand Response and vendors who provide this service are called Curtailment Services Providers (CSP).  The Commonwealth has put a statewide contract in place for the use of state agencies with a CSP.

Graphic of the benefits of Demand Response


Click Here for a detailed overview on the benefits of Demand Response and the enrollment process.

The Demand Response Contract was written to allow other Public Bodies and Universities access to the Contract at their discretion.


Contract Administrator/Technical Support
Lead – Walid Daniel
Email –
Phone 804-382-4217

Backup – Nam Nguyen
Email –
Phone 804-692-3230