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Virginia Energy Sense

Virginia Energy Sense is the Commonwealth’s energy education program.  Managed by Virginia’s State Corporation Commission, its mission is to help all Virginians understand their energy use and how to save energy easily and cost effectively.  Saving energy makes good sense.  Reducing energy consumption saves you money, helps our state’s economy, and contributes to a cleaner environment for all Virginia citizens.
Virginia has set a goal to reduce energy consumption 10% below 2006 levels by 2022. Reaching this goal will postpone the need to build four to five power generation stations.  It will also save Virginians a net $200 million to $700 million.  Energy efficiency and energy conservation are the most affordable, available tools to reduce energy usage.  With just a few simple changes, we can all do our part to help reach this goal.
The Virginia Energy Sense program provides the tools to educate and empower all Virginians to get involved and lower the amount of electricity they use.
Visit Virginia Energy Sense to:

  • Try a free, five-minute Home Energy Test to measure your home’s efficiency
  • Take the 10% Challenge to reduce your own energy use
  • Find financial incentives available for energy-saving purchases and upgrades
  • Read about Virginia’s energy use, policy and plans