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Lancaster County, Virginia

There are six active mine permits in Lancaster County, all of which are licensed to produce sand and gravel. In 2005, there were 94,157 tons of sand and gravel produced in Lancaster County. Based on the DGMR Publication 174, Digital Representation of the 1993 Geologic Map of Virginia, the sand and gravel is produced from the Sedgefield Member, Windsor Formation, and Chesapeake Group formations.

Three samples of clay materials were tested in 1960, and found suitable as raw materials for the manufacture of brick and tile (Sweet, 1976). Samples were taken southwest of Somers, south of Lancaster, and northeast of Slabtown.

Lancaster County Geologic Map
Lancaster County Geologic Map unit descriptions
Lancaster County Historical Mineral Resource Sites
Lancaster County Mineral Production, 1986-present
Lancaster County Active Mines, 1990-present

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