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The Coal Mine Safety Laws of Virginia requires an operator to report promptly to the Department occurrence of the following accidents:

  • Inundations - Methane, water, accidental cutting into old works;
  • Ignitions - Explosion of methane or dust at a mine;
  • Roof Falls - Any unplanned roof fall at or above the anchorage zone or that impairs ventilation or impedes passage;
  • Mine Fires - Unplanned fire not extinguished within 30 minutes of discovery;
  • Explosions - Methane or dust;
  • Serious Personal Injury - Has reasonable potential to cause death or injury other than sprain or strain which requires  hospital admission for 24 hours or more for medical treatment; and
  • Fatalities - Death at a mine whether the victim is employed at the mine or not

NOTE:  The scene of the accident is to remain unchanged pending investigation except as needed to remove injured persons or protect property.

A mine inspector, with assistance from a Technical Specialist, will be dispatched promptly to the mine accident, investigate causes and issue such orders as necessary to ensure safety of persons.  A report of investigation findings, including recommendations for prevention, will be completed.

Representatives of the operator will render assistance needed in the investigations.