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Guidance Memorandum

Submittal of Electronic Signatures and Seals for Maps, Drawings and Plans


Memorandums to Operators

DM-20-01 Submittal of Annual Report and Tax Affidavits

DM-17-03 25th Annual Coal Mine Safety Awards

DM-17-02 Submittal of Annual Report and Tax Affidavits

DM-17-01 REVISED 2017 Certification Examination Schedule & Change in Office Hours

DM-16-03 Mine Incident, Response & Recovery Plan

DM-16-02 2017 Certification Examination Schedule

DM-16-01 24th Annual Coal Mine Safety Awards

DM-14-07 Mine Incident Response & Recovery Plan

DM-14-06 Certification Examinations On-Line

DM-14-05 2015 Certification Examination Schedule

DM-14-04 Serious Personal Injury

DM-14-03 Remote Control Continuous Miners

DM-14-02 Surface First Aid Supplies

DM-14-01 22nd Annual Coal Mine Safety Awards

DM-13-04  Mine Incident Response, Rescue and Recovery Plan

DM-13-01  21st Annual Coal Mine Safety Awards

DM-12-04  Mine Incident Response Plan and Recovery Plan

DM-12-03  Requirements for Initial Surface Blaster Certification

DM-12-02  2013 Certification Examination Schedule

DM-12-01  20th Annual Coal Mine Safety Awards

DM-11-08  Submittal of Annual Report and Tax Affidavit

DM-11-07  Requirements for Certification - The Ability to Read and Speak English

DM-11-06  Mine Incident Response, Rescue, and Recovery Plan

DM-11-05  Roof Bolter Mounted Cooling Fans

DM-11-02  Emergency Response Plans

DM-10-06   Approved Senate Bill 561 - Substance Abuse and Duties of Operator

DM-10-03  Mine License Fee Increase

DM-09-04  Virginia Substance Abuse and Quick-Test Screening

DM-07-03  Approved Senate Bill 1091

DM-06-07  Program Information Bulletin Number