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Underground Inspection

An inactive coal mine may not resume production until a mine inspector has inspected the mine and any identified deficiencies have been corrected.   An "inactive mine" is defined as a mine where coal has not been excavated or processed, or work other than examinations by a certified person or emergency work to preserve the mine, has been performed for a period of thirty days.

In order to meet this requirement of the Coal Mine Safety Act, the Operator Assistance group will  perform, at the request of the operator, a "re-opening inspection" of the coal mine.  Specialists of the Operator Assistance group will perform a complete inspection of your coal mine including the roof, ventilation, electrical, and record books.  Any discrepancies will be noted.  However, no violations will be issued.  The coal mine operator must correct all deficiencies identified and call the  specialists for a return visit.  If all deficiencies have been corrected,  the operator may then begin production activities.