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Accidents involving serious personal injury and worker or citizen complaints are investigated promptly. The appropriate regulatory measures are taken to resolve or correct the problems.

Any SERIOUS INJURY or FATALITY taking place on a mine property must be reported whether related to the mining operation or not.

The report must be made directly to an employee of the Division of Mines. Messages. Voice mails, e-mails, etc. are not acceptable. When in doubt, call the Division of Mines office or your mine inspector!


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When do I need to contact the Division of Mines regarding a coal mining accident?
You must contact the Division of Mines (either the main office or mine inspector) by the quickest available means (most likely by telephone) whenever an accident occurs at a Virginia coal mine property that involves a serious personal injury or death to any person. The accident scene must not be disturbed until after the Division conducts its accident investigation. You must also notify the Division immediately upon learning that a person injured at a Virginia coal mine has been admitted to a hospital for medical treatment. If someone has a head injury and loses consciousness, then the Division must also be notified immediately.

What is a Serious Personal Injury?
The Coal Mine Safety Act defines a serious personal injury as "any injury which has a reasonable potential to cause death or any injury other than a sprain or strain which requires an admission to a hospital for 24 hours or more for medical treatment."