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DIVISION of Mined Land Reclamation

Materials for Downloading

Notice of Regulation Amendment - Permit Signs/Markers and Seismic Monitoring  

Guidance Documents:
Division of Mined Land Reclamation and Division of Forestry Guidance Document
Division of Mined Land Reclamation Coal Waste Impoundment Supplemental Information Submittal Guidance Document
EP Standalone:

DMLR EP Standalone

Well Construction:

Well Construction


Aquatic Species-Specific Protective Measures Guide to Permitted Coal Mining Activities in Virginia

Coal Combustion By-Products Guidelines

Biosolids Use Guidelines

Government Financed Construction Guidelines  

AML Water Project Review Manual and Application - (PDF)       (Word)

Bond Release/Bond Reduction Guide - (PDF)       (Word)

Electronic Permitting Guide

Water Replacement Subsidence Repair


     National Geodetic Survey

     Scripps Orbit and Permanent Array Center (SOPAC)

Southwest Virginia Index to AutoCad Drawing Files 7.5' Topographic Map Coverage

AML (Abandoned Mined Land) Forms:       DMLR FTP SitePDF     Word
Acrobat Version Microsoft Word Form Name
OMB 1029-0119 Applicant Violator System (AVS)
OMB 1029-0119 Instructions for Applicant Violator System Form
DMLR-AML-090 DMLR-AML-090 Standard Bid Bond
DMLR-AML-199 DMLR-AML-199 Application for Payment - Cover Sheet
DMLR-AML-199A DMLR-AML-199A Addendum to Application for Payment
DMLR-AML-199B DMLR-AML-199B Addendum to Application for Payment - Schedule
DMLR-AML-199C DMLR-AML-199C Addendum to Application for Payment - Material Storage
DMLR-AML-314 DMLR-AML-314 Affidavit of Payment
DMLR-AML-199, 199A, 199B and 199C forms are downloadable to use in Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Excel Form Name
DMLR-AML-199, A, B, C Application for Payment - Cover Sheet, Addendum to Application for Payment, Schedule, Material Storage

Department of General Services Forms used by AML:
DGS-30-004 Architectural / Engineering Firm Data
DGS-30-076 Workers Compensation Certificate of Insurance   
DGS-30-084 Standard Performance Bond   
DGS-30-088  Standard Labor & Material Payment Bond   

DMLR (Mined Land Reclamation) Forms:   DMLR FTP SitePDF   Word 

Acrobat Version Microsoft Word Form Name
DMLR-211 DMLR-211 Application for Exemption Determination
DMLR-BCME-03 DMLR-BCME-03 Application for Recertification - DMLR Endorsement - Blaster's Certification
DMLR-BCME-04 DMLR-BCME-04 Application for DMLR Endorsement - Blaster's Certification - (Coal Surface Mining Operation)
DMLR-ENF-032v DMLR-ENF-032v Vibration Observations
DMLR-ENF-220 DMLR-ENF-220 Notice of Temporary Cessation
DMLR-PT-106 DMLR-PT-106 Application for Small Operator Assistance
DMLR-PT-011 DMLR-PT-011 Operator's Seeding Report
DMLR-PT-012 DMLR-PT-012 Analysis - Premining vs Postmining Hayland
DMLR-PT-013 DMLR-PT-013 Surety Bond
DMLR-PT-013A DMLR-PT-013A Surety Bond - Federal Lands
DMLR-PT-013B DMLR-PT-013B Surety Bond Rider
DMLR-PT-017 DMLR-PT-017 Map Legend
DMLR-PT-026 DMLR-PT-026 Certificate of Deposit
DMLR-PT-026A DMLR-PT-026A Form Letter from Banks Issuing a Certificate of Deposit for Mining on Federal Lands
DMLR-PT-027 DMLR-PT-027 Request for Relinquishment
DMLR-PT-027A DMLR-PT-027A Request for PMU Relinquishment
DMLR-PT-028 DMLR-PT-028 Anniversary Report
DMLR-PT-030 DMLR-PT-030 Water Supply Inventory List
DMLR-PT-034d DMLR-PT-034d Permit Application Certification
DMLR-PT-034info DMLR-PT-034info Request for DMLR Permit Data
DVD-034D DVD-034D Diversion Information & Design Data Sheet
GDM-034D GDM-034D Discharge Measurements Sheet
GSD-034D GSD-034D Geologic Stratigraphic Data Sheet
GWB-034D    GWB-034D Ground Water Baseline Data Summary
NMS-034D NMS-034D Need and Market Survey
PSS-034D PSS-034D Proposed Sediment Structures
RFB-034D RFB-034D Rainfall Baseline Data
SBD-034D SBD-034D Sediment Basin Design Data Sheet
SPD-034D SPD-034D Soils Profile Data Sheet
SWB-034D SWB-034D Surface Water Baseline Data Summary
VSS-034D VSS-034D Stream Survey Data Sheet
WCD-034D WCD-034D Well Construction Data Sheet
WSI-034D WSI-034D Water Supply Inventory List
BLD-034D BLD-034D Application for a Coal Surface Mining & Reclamation Permit Blasting Plan Data
DMLR-PT-051 DMLR-PT-051 Coal Exploration Notice
DMLR-PT-053 DMLR-PT-053 Well Construction Data Sheet
DMLR-PT-062 DMLR-PT-062 Coal Exploration Permit
DMLR-PT-084 DMLR-PT-084 Notice of Effluent Non-Compliance
DMLR-PT-086 DMLR-PT-086 Sediment Basin Design Sheet
DMLR-PT-092 DMLR-PT-092 Impoundment Construction & Annual Cert. Form
DMLR-PT-093 DMLR-PT-093 Statement for 3rd Party Certificate of Deposit
DMLR-PT-098 DMLR-PT-098 Road Construction Certification
DMLR-PT-101 DMLR-PT-101 Ground Water Monitoring Report
DMLR-PT-102 DMLR-PT-102 - (Excel) Rainfall Monitoring Report
DMLR-PT-104 DMLR-PT-104 Pre-Blast Survey
DMLR-PT-105 DMLR-PT-105 Excess Spoil Fills & Refuse Embankments Construction Certification
DMLR-PT-111 DMLR-PT-111 Stage Area Storage Computations
DMLR-PT-119 DMLR-PT-119 NPDES Discharge Monitoring Report
DMLR-PT-119C DMLR-PT-119C Water Monitoring Report - Electronic File/Printout Certification
DMLR-PT-128 DMLR-PT-128 Application - NPDES
DMLR-PT-128A DMLR-PT-128A Application Instructions - NPDES
DMLR-PT-162 DMLR-PT-162 Coal Surface Mining Reclamation Fund Application
DMLR-PT-167 DMLR-PT-167 Conditions - Coal Surface Mining Reclamation Fund
DMLR-PT-178 DMLR-PT-178 Coal Surface Mining Reclamation Fund Tax Reporting Form
DMLR-PT-210 DMLR-PT-210 Surface Water Monitoring Report Sheet
DMLR-PT-212 DMLR-PT-212 Application for Performance Bond Release
DMLR-PT-219 DMLR-PT-219 Public Notice:  Application for Transfer, Assignment, or Sale of Permit Rights under Chapter 19, Title 45.1
DMLR-PT-221 DMLR-PT-221 Indemnity Agreement
DMLR-PT-223 DMLR-PT-223 Surface Coal Mining Distance Waiver
DMLR-PT-224 DMLR-PT-224 Line Transect for Forest Land Count
DMLR-PT-225 DMLR-PT-225 Public Notice: Application for Bond Reduction, Chapter 19, Phase I
DMLR-PT-226 DMLR-PT-226 Public Notice: Application for Bond Reduction, Chapter 19, Phase II
DMLR-PT-227 DMLR-PT-227 Public Notice: Application for Bond Reduction, Chapter 19, Phase III
DMLR-PT-228 DMLR-PT-228 Public Notice: Application for Bond Reduction, Incremental Reduction
DMLR-PT-233 DMLR-PT-233 Certification of Stream Channel Diversions
DMLR-PT-236 DMLR-PT-236 Public Display of Application
DMLR-PT-239 DMLR-PT-239 Quarterly Acid-Base Monitoring Report
Affidavit (Permit Application Information: Ownership & Control & Violation History)
Affidavit (Reclamation Fee Payment)
DMLR-PT-250 DMLR-PT-250 Affidavit (No Change in a Company's Legal Identity)
DMLR-PT-251 DMLR-PT-251 Impoundment Inspection Report
DMLR-PT-255 DMLR-PT-255 Irrevocable Standby Letter of Credit
DMLR-PT-255A DMLR-PT-255A Confirmation of Irrevocable Standby Letter of Credit
DMLR-PT-265 DMLR-PT-265 Permittee Consent to Service By Electronic Mail

NOTE:  If problems are encountered when downloading materials, please contact DMLR.


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