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Abandoned Mine Land Economic Revitalization Projects

  • Country Cabin II Facility Improvements

    Solar Project Site Preparation
    Wise County
    Grant Recipient: Wise County Industrial Development Authority
    Funds Awarded: $500,000

    The first large scale solar development in Southwest Virginia will be deployed on an Abandoned Mine Land with Abandoned Mine Land Economic Revitalization Program (AMLER) Funds. The grant will prepare the site that will generate over three megawatts in clean energy to be used by the Mineral Gap Data Center. Nearby portals and clogged stream lands will be reclaimed as part of the project. Preparation and installation will create several jobs and the Mineral Gap Data Center is expected to increase customers due to the use of renewable energy.

  • Country Cabin II Facility Improvements

    Splashdam Waterline Extension
    Dickenson County
    Grant Recipient: Dickenson County Public Service Authority
    2018 Funds Awarded: $356,500

    Public water will be available to a campground in Haysi through AMLER Program dollars. The Splashdam waterline will be extended to provide serve to 20 campsites at the Thunder River Outdoor Recreation and Campground. Some of the line will also be replaced. Owners will also be able to provide a bath house for campers. The campground is on previously mined land and hosts visitors hoping to hit the ATV trails, raft or Kayak, visit Breaks Interstate Park and enjoy the beauty of the Appalachian mountains.

  • Country Cabin II Facility Improvements

    Enhancing the Mountain View Trail System
    Russell and Wise Counties
    Grant Recipient: The Nature Conservancy
    2018 Funds Awarded: $222,000

    The Mountain View Trail system is an ATV trail that connects Coeburn and St. Paul. The trail covers about 2,500 acres of land that was once mined. It is part of a larger trail system that has a significant existing economic impact on the region-- the Spearhead Trails. AMLER Program dollars will be used to reclaim abandoned mine land features that could be safety hazards for riders such as auger holes, highwalls and more.

  • Country Cabin II Facility Improvements

    Ecotourism in Nature's Wonderland
    Buchanan County
    Grant Recipient: Southwest Virginia Sportsmen, Inc.
    2018 Funds Awarded: $2,254,750

    Wildlife viewing and, eventually, hunting opportunities will become accessible to the public through the Ecotourism in Nature's Wonderland project. The grant dollars will be used to improve 350 acres of historic mined land resulting in an ecological and economic benefit to Buchanan County.

  • Country Cabin II Facility Improvements

    Dante Community Redevelopment Project
    Russell County
    Grant Recipient: Russell County
    2018 Funds Awarded: $269,000

    Dante is a historic coal camp with rows of houses, remains of a company store and other visual reminders of coal mining from years past. The Community Association wants to share the rich history with visitors. AMLER Program dollars would be used to build connector trails to historic sites in the town and create eight miles of trails along an old railroad. With plans for an ATV trail from St. Paul to Dante, the number of visitors is expected to increase.

  • Country Cabin II Facility Improvements

    Country Cabin II Facility Improvements
    Wise County
    Grant Recipient: Appalachian Traditions, Inc.
    2018 Funds Awarded: $47,420

    Already capitalizing on traditional mountain music, the Country Cabin II will have more opportunities for visitors with facility upgrades to make it a year-round venue. The music venue is located on a reclaimed abandoned mine land and AMLER Program dollars will result in insulations and paneling for the interior walls and sealing the floor.

  • Project Reclaim

    Project Reclaim
    Russell County
    Grant Recipient: Russell County Reclamation, LLC
    2017 Funds Awarded: $3,199,553
    2018 Funds Awarded: $1,645,340

    Project Reclaim is a 67-acre industrial site. The project is close to rail, has access to electricity and substations, a developed road, and existing natural gas and water supplies. Various old structures from previous mining were removed and the land will be reclaimed to support future development of an industrial site.

  • Project Intersection

    Project Intersection
    Wise County
    Grant Recipient: Norton Industrial Development Authority
    2017 Funds Awarded: $3,500,000
    2018 Funds Awarded: $1,782,685

    Project Intersection will provide and economic boost to four localities in the Lenowisco Regional Industrial Facilities Authority region and remove a highwall left by historic mining that oversees the intersection of two major highways in Norton. The 200-acre property will be reclaimed in order to host three industrial sites. Project Intersection is the top-ranked site for development within Lee, Wise and Scott Counties and the city of Norton.

  • Pocahontas Exhibition Mine and Museum

    Pocahontas Exhibition Mine and Museum
    Tazewell County
    Grant Recipient: Cumberland Plateau Planning District Commission
    2017 Funds Awarded: $1,500,000
    2018 Funds Awarded: $379,178

    The Pocahontas Exhibition Mine and Museum is the only exhibition mine in Virginia. Visitors can get a feel for being in an underground coal mine. AMLER program dollars will go to refurbish the exhibition mine and the neighboring museum. The 2018 grant will create space for an on-site restaurant and provide an optional tram service for visitors to ride through the mine. Pocahontas is also home to the Spearhead and Hatfield-McCoy ATV trails which is bringing more visitors to the site.

  • Appalachian Homestead Initiatives

    Appalachian Homestead Initiatives
    Wise County
    Grant Recipient: LENOWISCO Planning District Commission
    2018 Funds Awarded: $1,600,000

    The Appalachian Homestead Initiative is based on the American development tradition of homesteading. This project will create jobs through self-sustaining development. The end-goal is for 166 acres of historic mine land to become homes, farms, orchards, vineyards and other development that boosts the economy.