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Division of Mineral Mining


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The Division of Mineral Mining administers the Certification program for persons working in mineral mines whose duties require competency, skill and knowledge to perform consistently and safely. The following certifications are offered by DMM:

1.  Surface foreman
(responsible for drilling and blasting)
2.  Surface foreman open pit
(NOT responsible for drilling and blasting)
3.  Underground foreman
4.  Surface blaster
5.  Electrical repairman
6.  Underground mining blaster
7.  General mineral miner
8.  Mine inspector

In addition, all miners commencing work after January 1, 1997 must have General Mineral Miner Certification (GMM). We now offer this certification program in a self-contained, on-line program
(the candidate must still have the application signed by a Certified Foreman or equivalent).

How do I look up DMM Mineral Miner Certifications?

The Division of Mineral Mining (DMM) provides a Mineral Miner Certification Search tool to use last name, date of birth and zip code to lookup certification status of individuals, free of charge.

How do I obtain training?

The Division of Mineral Mining (DMM) provides training services to operators and contractors, free of charge. You may contact your inspector to assist in determining your specific training needs. We offer a variety of services from classroom instruction, Annual Refresher training modules you may conduct yourself, Study Guides, video library services, as well as self-contained, on-line instruction for our General Mineral Miner Certification program.

When are certification classes offered?

How do I apply for certification?

Most certifications require specific minimum requirements, including years of acceptable experience and additional occupational training such as First Aid or Journeyman certification. See work experience requirements »

NEW! DMM has a on-line Certification Application System or you may apply using paper forms.

How do I renew my certification?

Certifications, other than the General Mineral Miner, require renewal every 5 years, which is completed by either attending a renewal class or taking an examination.

How much does a certification cost?

All certifications require a $10 fee. This can be paid in cash in person or via check payable to "Treasurer of Virginia".