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Permit/License Fees
Permit fees, license fees and appropriate reclamation bonds are required prior to the issuance of the permit/license.

Fees should be payable to "Treasurer of Virginia" and it is advisable to notate the permit number on your payment. Fees can be paid in cash, check, or with credit card.

You may use the DMM e-Forms Center to calculate your fees* or call the Charlottesville Office at 434-951-6310.


                    Save money! File using the DMM e-Forms Center! **


New Permit/License:

   Permit Fee - $31/permitted acre

   License Fee - $330** (except Sand & Gravel < 5 acres $80**)

   Bond - $3000/acre to be disturbed OR $50/acre to be disturbed if in Minerals Reclamation Fund***

Renewal Fees:

   Renewal Fee - $16/acre disturbed and to-be-disturbed in the next 12 months

   License Fee - $330** (except Sand & Gravel < 5 acres $80**)

   Bond - $3000/acre on additional areas to-be-disturbed in next 12 months OR $12.50/acre disturbed and to-be-disturbed in next 12 months if in Minerals Reclamation Fund***

Adding of addition permitted acres shall be charged according to the New Permit/License fees.

*The DMM e-Form center calculates your fees for you. See page 6 or 7 of the DMM-170 Permit License Application, and select "Calculate Fees"

**By filing electronically using the DMM e-Forms Center, you are eligible for reduced license fees. If you choose to file in paper the fee is $400 annually, except for sand & gravel <5 acres which is $100.

***A Licensed Operator who has had 5 years of satisfactory operation under Chapter 16 of Title 45.1 of the Code of Virginia shall become a member of the Minerals Reclamation Fund.  (45.1-197.9)  Until then, the amount of bond shall be $1000 per initial acre. (45.1-183).